Kaufman Tournament


Location: O.P. Norman Jr. High 3701 S. Houston Street Kaufman TX 75142. Driving directions from the High School on a Saturday says 71 miles/ 1 hour 15 minutes. DO NOT cut it close!!  


ROG Arrival time : 10:45am, Flight time : 11:30am  (Actual times, not mere suggestions.)

Attire - Competition shirt (Gray with team name on the back), solid, full length, black pants with no holes in them, flat shoes. No long sleeves under the shirt. Long hair pulled back off the neck area.  


Equipment - Bring your bow and 5 competition arrows (not practice arrows). Arrows should be marked as theirs on the index fletching.  If you have a broken nock during the tournament, we will help you repair it.  If you you drop an arrow, raise your hand and we'll bring you a new one.


Preparation - Archers should go to bed at a reasonable time on the night before to get plenty of rest. Eat wholesome foods the morning before competing. Avoid EXCESSIVE sugar. Avoid video gaming before the competition. (Yes, I assure you they will not die from this!)


Parents - Wear your Prosper gear and bring your binoculars. Please do not engage in score-keeping during the flight with your archer; this is a violation of your commitment forms.  We need them focusing on proper archery form, not math. We also encourage you to sit at an angle behind your archer, so they cannot see you or your reactions.


If you have an issue, please contact your team's coach.

OP Norman Jr High 3701 S. Houston Street Kaufman, TX 75142
Saturday, December 4, 2021 10:45am